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Austnam EPS Panel Partition

Thứ sáu, 10/07/2020, 09:42:49 AM (GMT+7)

Austnam EPS Panel Partition

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Austnam EPS Panel Partition

Technical spec
Austnam EPS Panel Partition( AP-EPS)
1 Grade of both sided steel

Thickness of both sided steel (mm)

3 Insulation Core-Expanded Polystyrene Foam thickness (mm) 50mm;70mm;100mm
4 Density (kg/m³) 10kg/m³;12kg/m³;20kg/m³
5 Actual width of Outer sheet(mm) 1200mm
6 Actual width of Liner sheet(mm) 1000mm
7 Cover width (mm) 1000mm
8 Panel's length ( md) 2.0m-20m

1.   Sandwich Construction:
-    Light Outer Walls
-    EPS External Wall Insulation
-    Insulated Roof

2.   Partition /Ceilling

3.   Panel Bld

4.   Clean Room/Cool Storage

1.    Energy Saving
-    Save air-conditioning and heating expenses remarkably,thanks to its excellent insulation effect as much as 4.2 times of cement brick.It’s the best material for wall and roof of electronic,medicine,processing,pharma,textile,precise machinery and general factories and warehouse.

2.    Perfectly insulated and waterproof
-    Using the high-density EPS,it is moisture and noise free.

3.    Semi- permanence and easy installation
-    Using galvanized steel sheets treated with fluorine and silicone on the surface,it is unchangeable and semi-permanent.Due to the standardized products,you can save the cost for construction by hiring the least number of workers and minimizing the period of construction.

4.    Excellent lightness and firmness
-    It is light,but firm,so even a house is simply built,it is strong enough.Coating with different material,you can enjoy various type of panels.



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