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Factory capacity

Thứ sáu, 07/08/2020, 19:26:54 PM (GMT+7)

Factory capacity

21:36 | 14/05/2015 921

Factory capacity

Austnam continues to invest in diversifying its capabilities;becoming offering full range of international standard roofing&cladding

*** Roll forming capacity in Factory

Roll Forming Machine Capacity (ml/hour)
1 Roll forming capacity of 11 waves AC11 400m per hour
2 Roll forming capacity of 6 waves ATEK 1000 500m per hour
3 Roll forming capacity of 5 waves ATEK 1088 400m per hour
4  Roll forming capacity of AV11 400m per hour
5  Roll forming capacity of ATILE107 100m per hour
6 Roll forming capacity of H-APU 400m per hour
7 Roll forming capacity of ALOCK420 400m per hour
8 Roll forming capacity of ASEAM480 600m per hour


*** Site Mobile Roll Former

For project that required long length roof without any end laps,ALOK&ASEAM can be roll-formed at site by mobile roll- former

With a roll forming capacity of between 400ml per hour-600ml per hour,ALOK 420&ASEAM 480 Panels can be roll formed on site as a continuos panel



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