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Thứ sáu, 10/07/2020, 09:28:01 AM (GMT+7)

Austnam Panel Building is a combination of galvanized steel frame and sandwich panel cladding with exceptional Sound and Heat reduction.

Austnam leads the way in the application and development of high quality panel buildings in Vietnam.

With single or multi-storey panel building, Austnam can meet the need of flexible, speedy and tropical climate adapted accommodation in Vietnam.

- Flexible design and engineering solutions

-Total panel building package: Delivery, installation and site works

-Excellent after sales services

-Relocation, modification or extension an upgrades.

* 1 Storey Panel Building

Take maximum advantage of panel building: Portable – Flexible - Reusable. With the width ranging from 3m to 6m, one-storey-panel building is easy to install because it only bases on frame of galvanized U75, without RHS column.                


*2 Storey Panel Building

The product is used in limited surface circumstances. Two-storey panel building is the combination of steel structural system and cladding by EPS panel cladding.


* Camp Site

It is necessary for a big scaled project to have a camp site to accommodate its workers and staff. Our product is suitable for many different applications such as: Housing for specialists, workers; office; conference hall; canteen; etc


* Auxiliary Workshop & Warehouse

To be used in developing factories which need auxiliary workshops and warehouses with high quality, rapid schedule and flexible erection

To salvage unused space or to install inside in operating factory



*Site Office

Meet the requirements of the schedule, fast erection, flexible space mobilization and reusability.

To be used for construction site at Industrial parks, Residential zones,


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